Graduate show countdown + studio

Next week we begin installing our degree show. It will be open from 6th-9th June, with the PV on Weds 5th.   I’ve more or less gotten everything ready for it, which feels good and am hoping the install goes smoothly. This 5 year part-time degree has been such a huge challenge for me, and […]

Final show prep

| Upcoming exhibitions | This year, I reach the end of my five year journey and will be showing my work at two graduate art shows, followed by a solo exhibition in Brighton during Brighton Digital Festival. | June 2019 graduate show at Northbrook MET | | 3rd – 9th July graduate show at Freerange, Truman Brewery, London | […]

The final countdown

Last weekend, videographer Sharon came along to practice with me to shoot the final footage for my final degree show. I’m really happy with the footage and have been editing all week to get it ready for projection tests. Looking back over this project, I’m actually really pleased by what I have achieved- learning, within […]

New displays

As part of my course, I’m encouraged to display my work at college as much as possible. Since I am creating digital work, this creates a creative challenge for me, since I cannot display projections or film easily in the corridor exhibition spaces. I chose to display stills of tightwire projections in the glass towers […]

New projections…

I’ve been experimenting with projecting on different materials, such as this long curtain (the iPhone camera is not great at photographing projections!) I really like this effect within an installation, and it’s certainly something I can look into for my final piece. Shoe balance projections- I’ve also been returning to projecting into shoes (using some […]

Balancing Projections!

I put together a smaller-scale version of my projections at uni on Monday for a group crit. The feedback was good, although when I brought the group into the room, my projector had stopped working- I’m not 100% sure why, but I’m going to have to do some trouble shooting in preparation for the end […]