Installation at Gallery Lock In, Oct 2019





Funded by Brighton Digital Festival 2019, exhibited at Gallery LockIn


The installation was streamed live via instagram for one hour each day.


Digital exhibition programme as follows (via QR code):

LOOP : a small, immersive digital installation using two smartphones & a projector at Gallery Lock In.

12-25 Oct. Midday till early eve. Closed Mondays.

Facebook event link | Livestreamed at certain times via instagram

When we use social media on our smartphones, are we looking at each other or are we looking at ourselves?
Within each of the LOOP devices will be an infinite reflection of the other.
Within each of us is the opportunity for an infinite reflection of each other.

LOOP challenges the idea that creating an immersive digital installation requires expensive specialist equipment, and years of tech experience.
The tools are right here in our hands. We can create something beautiful to look at using fairly simple technology.



Saturday 12 Oct, 7.30pm : ‘LOOP: 20 GOTO 10’

Facebook link

James Burt presents a 20-minute spoken word piece inspired by LOOP.  James looks at how we can escape loops, drawing from examples in science, technology and daily life; and discusses how, in real life, no loop lasts forever.


Saturday 19 Oct, 7.30pm : ‘(B)LOOP’

Facebook event link

Join us for (B)LOOP: an evening aiming to create a sonic interpretation of LOOP, using smashed smartphones, optical theremins and loop pedals. A collaboration between R.Dyer and Kate Shields.


Thursday 24 Oct, 7pm : Film screening: ‘Well you tried it just for once (found it alright for kicks)’ by Lady Helena Vortex

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A v special screening of ‘Well you tried it just for once…‘ by Lady Helena Vortex. First shown as part of a live performance at Spill festival, this is the first screening of the film. + introduction by the artist, post-screening informal conversation with Lady Helena and Kate Shields.  (Once the film starts, we will close the door, so please arrive on time.)


nb: all LOOP events are free and take part in a small space, with limited seating. It is opposite the Robin Hood pub, which has a toilet that gallery visitors can use during events. I have tried my very best to make this installation as accessible as it can be, and am always open to hear how I can continue to do better. If you have particular access needs and want to come to an event, or talk about accessibility please get in touch: kateshieldsart@gmail.com