BALANCING|PROJECTING – current project


In October 2018 I began learning to walk a tightwire for my final degree project, ‘Balancing|Projecting’, and documented my progress. I was interested in the play between the two words ‘balancing’ and ‘projecting’- we can balance both physically and mentally. We can project a physical image, and we can project our feelings.

The tightwire is commonly used as a metaphor for maintaining balance in ones life. I felt that learning to tightwire walk would be an interesting way to visually express my own difficulties balancing my physical and mental health.

Over the last six months, I have presented my findings in a series of visual ways using installation, film and projections.



‘Balancing|Projecting’ (detail) 2018-2019

A film of tightrope walking, projected onto a white wall with a stage curtain.





An online film, viewed via a QR code.