Post-LOOP | New works


Post-LOOP, I’m back in making work land, which is ace.

I’m currently fascinated with shareable ‘words of wisdom’ online. Granted, they’ve been around for a while, and are already much-derided and mocked, but that’s entirely why I’m so fascinated by them. Inspirational quotes seem so empty to me- perhaps other people find them useful to share, but tbh, I just don’t ‘get’ them. Is this just me?

Myself and performance artist Lady Helena Vortex will have these in mind on Friday at Fabrica Gallery, where we’ll be performing as part of their Friday Lates (which will now be a regular monthly Artists, Models, iNK event!)

I’m going to be blogging here a little less often now, as I have a tinyletter which is a better platform for writing about what I’m doing/involved with. I’d like to keep my website more visual. Do join up if you’re interested in my ramblings!

PS I have a degree now LOL




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