LOOP at Gallery Lock In


Not long now…..LOOP, Gallery Lock In, Brighton- a small, immersive digital installation made with two smartphones and a projector.

Earlier this month I found out I was to be awarded funding for this exhibition, through Brighton Digital Festival and Brandwatch/Arts Council. I’ve never had funding for my work before, and the difference it has already made to the process of putting it together has been huge. The main thing it will allow me to do is invest in a mobile internet hotspot, meaning I can livestream footage from the exhibition. I’m really interested to know what happens if people log in to watch, and how it will affect the footage.

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Probably the most FUN part of organising any exhibition or event, are the anxiety dreams! When it comes to these, there are no boundaries to my brains creativity. usually they consist of the space being COMPLETELY different when I arrive. This time there was also an insanely complex series of keys and locks, and the whole gallery was full of someone else stuff. Hah.

Anyway…next week I have a week-long residency within the space, before I set up and the exhibition is open to the public. It will be great to be in there and test out some ideas…

As I have the space for quite some time, I’ve invited a few people to come along and get involved. Firstly, my friend James will be doing a talk on the subject of loops on the evening of the opening day (Sat 12th):


I’ve also invited performance artist and filmmaker Lady Helena Vortex to screen her short film, which touches on the subject of looping, through the lens of desire, age and BDSM. Should be really interesting- click the poster for more info:


There is the possibility of an experimental music-based event too, but I’m just ironing that out at the moment.

I’ll be updating more often via Twitter and the LOOP instagram over the next few weeks, so do take a look to see how the project is progressing.


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