Freerange, London | “What’s Next?”

It’s curtain-down time for my degree, which culminated in a week-long exhibition at Freerange, London.

The FREERANGE brochure, which included a completely incorrect spelling of my name (in fact, an entirely new name). Thanks Freerange!

I’m not going to try and sum up the experience of the past five years, but lets just say it’s been challenging and rewarding in equal measure. I got a First, which I am immensely proud of, and in true artist imposter syndrome style, have tried to mentally devalue since finding out.


‘Balancing|Projecting’ on show at Freerange, the Truman Brewery, London.



Whilst invigilating during the day time, it was interesting to see how people engaged with my installation. I was pleased that it seemed to draw the majority of people in, so that they were involved for the full two minutes. My diary was also read by many people, and as a few people asked if it was available, I am considering making it into a small, self-published book to sell online.

Here are some works by other students on show that I particularly liked, when I had the chance to explore:

Over the past week or so, the question I have been most asked is:

“What’s next..?”

I think after any long period of study, people expect you have Big Plans. Well, I do have plans that are mostly around Continuing To Make Art.

In October, I have a small, solo exhibition which I am very excited about (I’ll be blogging about that v soon). In the meantime, I’m getting involved in a few things, including some performance/life drawing work as part of Fabrica Lates, and a couple of other things too.

I have started doing a tinyletter which I really recommend signing up for.

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