Balancing|Projecting …the plot thickens


I’m just a couple of months away from my final degree assessment, and am starting to put together the building blocks of this project, and how I will present it. This is an exciting and scary time usually- that stage of the creative process where you can’t quite envision what a final artwork will look like, but the possibilities are starting to come together. But as this is the final project in my degree, there’s the mounting pressure that ultimately, whatever I make now is my Final Degree Show.

I’m trying not to worry though as that will get me nowhere.

I’ve been practicing more with projection mapping, specifically with clown face on mannequin. I’ve always viewed clowning as a kind of projection, and as a physical, moving projection it creates an eerie yet peaceful vision.

One of the benefits of the studio I currently use is that there is absolutely no natural light- making projection work a dream! Having an affordable studio is such a privilege, especially when living in the centre of a busy town full of artists.

More projection experiments to come soon.

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