Projecting | work in progress

I’ve been getting into the swing of things with projection mapping and finding it very exciting- it’s like a new little world has opened up creatively. So far I’m using film I already have of tightrope walks, and footage of my own face to project onto objects too (which is spookily delightful!)



It’s difficult to photograph projection work, which I think makes it even more interesting to me- similar to live performance, once it is filmed, it becomes an entirely different thing. One of the main things I’ve been focusing on for this project, is keeping it accessible and affordable (people spend A LOT of money on these kind of effects, but if you’re wanting to just try out ideas before spending, here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been using:

  • Optoma Projection Mapper app This is a great little basic app, costs around £5. It’s only available on iPad/iPhone currently, but this is perfect for my needs at the moment. I’ve not tried the app with a phone yet, but for display/exhibition purposes, this could be really handy if it works ok. 
  • Deeplee projector £50ish from Amazon. I did a lot of research and asking around, and after finally settling on this one, have found it to be working really well. It’s pretty bright even in a dimly lit room, the only downside so far is that it’s quite noisy. 
  • HDMI Adapter – under £20. Like all projection projects, you gotta sort the pesky cable nonsense out. This is the right one to connect an iPad/iPhone to the projector, and it also needs to be connected to a charger at the same time.

More updates soon, when I’ve had more time to play around. I’m off tightrope practice for a couple of weeks, which although makes me sad, it does mean dedicated time to working on the art/tech side of things.


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