Back on the wire…


I’m practicing after the new year/Xmas break and though I’ve been a bit wobbly at first, I’m back walking from end to end. I need to keep my arms up more, and one foot off the rope as much as possible (interestingly, it’s easier to balance on one leg than with both on the rope!)

I’ve been getting back on to the projection side of things, using a new mini projector whilst figuring out how to do very basic projection mapping. I’m starting with ‘Projection Mapper’ by Optoma, a device-based app, and am currently having LOTS of fun working out which cables to get to make it all work. I hate cables. I long for a cloud-based life.

Currently my process looks like this:

Yes I’m working in bed. It’s cold!

It’s great to start playing around even with just straight projections- I’ve always found projected film intoxicating, more so than on a screen.

My next step once I’m all rigged up tech-wise is going to be proper film footage of a tightrope walk, which will mean having to take a white and black backdrop into the circus school, unless I manage to find another place to walk that can be moved in front of a better backdrop. I’m still on the trail of a tightrope that may or may not exist in another location…


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