Balancing: process

In lieu of a tightrope, (it’s not up at the moment) I took my slackline down to the West Pier and practiced between the old metal pillars.

Slackline seems similar to tightrope, but it’s completely different, and I find it so hard- I much prefer the tightrope. However, it was good to get some balancing practice in after the long Christmas break, especially in a picturesque environment.

I used to love watching people doing slackline and tightrope by the West Pier when I first moved to Brighton, over 10 years ago now (although I remember them being a lot better than I am!)


After I took down the slackwire, I created a line where it was with white stones. I wonder how long it will stay there?


a line on the beach

I’m going to look into the feasibility of rigging a tightrope between the pillars…it would be great to be able to rig it myself anytime, especially once the weather gets warmer.


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