Balancing- part II

Each year at uni, we are required to do a corridor exhibition. As my work becomes more film and digital-based, this has become more of a challenge. To get around this, I installed my film at uni using a QR code. The viewer scans the code on their phone, and my first ‘Balancing’ film plays on their device.

My friend James was able to help put the film online, without having to use YouTube or Vimeo (which can get clunky). The code is shown both alone and on a ‘stage’, which gives the feel that the film is a performance.



I’ve had a break from the tightrope over Christmas and New Year (it hasn’t been up) but I got back into handstand practice today. I’m able to hold myself upside down against a wall for around 15 seconds, but still not strong or confident enough to kick up backwards into a wall handstand, but I’m fully intending to keep practicing.



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