Process: tightrope week 3

I feel I’m getting a little better, although my balance and concentration were a bit off this week as I’m in the midst of pretty bad PMS.

Coincidentally, this weekend I went to see Dr Marissa Carnesky’s ‘The Incredible Bleeding Woman’- a multi-disciplinary show about menstruation that I’ve been wanting to see for quite a while. A number of performers create menstrual rituals- some are funny, some are quite moving, and it was really inspiring to see female performers fearlessly confronting such a taboo subject onstage in a variety of different ways: magic, monologues, dance, video and even hair-hanging. A really great section on trans-feminism too. Specifically, it made me think more about the physical ways that my cycle can affect me and the things I do.

‘Dr Marissa Carnesky’s The Incredible Bleeding Woman’

I always find my balance and co-ordination are somewhat lacking at certain times of the month, and my body is considerably more sensitive to pain and discomfort too (I found this out when getting tattooed in my 20s!). However, I had not thought about how much it may affect skills that rely on these things, and how perhaps this could be incorporated instead of forced out.

Fortunately at this week’s practice, dressing up was encouraged for Halloween, so the next picture is me, enjoying myself dressed as a clown:


I’ve also been returning to ideas about clowning- specifically how clowns are all about projecting thoughts, feelings and ideas onto an audience. This ties in nicely with the working title of my current project (Balancing|Projecting), and I’ll look into this a bit more over the next couple of weeks.


Meanwhile, today whilst life modelling at Fabrica (where I was asked to do a circus theme) I found I could hold longer standing poses than usual…my core strength is improving, though I didn’t think it would be that noticeable so quickly!


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