Process: Shoe balance


A test run of a shoe balance, performed across four phones. Making a single figure travel across multiple phones will require more precision in both filming and performance. ie the film playing on the far right will need to have stillness for the amount of time each figure takes to walk across. Also, I’ll need to add seconds to each film to represent the time it takes for the figure to travel the ‘space’ between each phone (even though this ‘space’ doesn’t actually exist!) More complex than it seems perhaps?

Whereas for the last dance project, each video going in and out of sync worked in its favour, it may not be quite right for this project.

I’ll need to start doing more tests, and perhaps choreographing the movements so as to keep them in time. It would be really satisfying to watch a figure walk fluidly between devices, as if each device were merely a window the viewer is looking through.

On another note, there seems to be a narrative to this piece, although I have yet to pin it down to a title yet. The shoes all have some significance (as shoes surely do), as does the process of balancing on shoes I can’t actually walk very far in. Femininity, ability, moving forwards, trying not to fall…etc


More work to do…


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