Document, document, document

So, the main trick to tight rope is…not falling off!

Resist the urge to fall!

Yeah. My first attempt wasn’t particularly bad, though I didn’t manage to make it all the way. I’m awaiting my next opportunity to practice by walking up and down a makeshift pole in my living room, and doing various core strengthening exercises.

This month I’ve had to temporarily move out of my studio, which has made it a bit difficult to make work so I’m mostly testing out miniature ways of projecting at home at the moment. I’m interested in using digital techniques to ‘perform’ pieces I’ve been testing out, such as this piece where I walk along a line of shoes…


A test run of a video of the same piece, played inside one of the shoes.


Whilst I’m going through the early stages of research (and also recovering from a cold!) I’ve started a Pinterest board of where my mind is going. Take a look if you like…


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