I’ve decided to start keeping a blog about my final year project process – I already do fairly regular updates on social media, but as part of this course, we’re asked to keep a blog or journal…so here it is.

I’ve begun traipsing further into performance-based, digital work- my penultimate project ‘#dancingontheinternet’ combined two major interests of mine: contemporary dance and the internet. Or more specifically, smartphones and social media. Over the course of the project, I learned two contemporary dance sequences, and ‘performed’ them on smartphones, using a video looping app. The movements went in and out of sync with one another- like on social media, the moving parts joined up whilst remaining separate and disconnected.


For this new project, I wanted to take these ideas further. For my process, I have begun learning how to tightrope walk. Ever since I first saw a woman walk in high heels on a thin wire at NoFit State Circus I have wanted to be able to walk a tightrope. In 2017, I managed to crowdfund enough money to do a tightrope challenge for the circus’s charity, but was unfortunately too unwell to be able to do it. I was heartbroken, and since missing out on this, I have thought of little else.

I’ve also thought a lot about balance, and the physical and mental implications of the word. Balancing my emotions, my diet, my relationships, my work and social life is an ongoing challenge, especially as I am often unwell, and so the meditative process of physically balancing I find particularly interesting.

In addition to this, I’ve been researching projecting, and starting to experiment with simplified ways of projecting: shoebox projector, Pepper’s Ghost, and other ways.

I’m hoping that these two processes can be merged somehow in a way, and this blog will be how I begin to do that.

‘Crystal ball’ with film projected inside.



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